Nita (angel_sinner) wrote,

Home sweet home

Cyprus was hot, relaxing every-time I go it's like I never left - I love all the people

The man hired a doom buggy and was like a kid with a new toy to be honest I was waiting for him to return it to the guy saying look-what-broke-now but he did very well and run around for me -)

I no doubt drank way more vodka that I should have spending 90 euros a night in the bar ugh !

My mum was her normal self sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get over some of the crap with her.

I'm feeling better since iv lost the baby the kidney is working again and slowly becomming me again - I hope it can happen again 4 years this time to end so heart breaking -

I guess I need to work on getting better and healthier and that 4 stones iv gained since being so sick is now my mission to lose - 2 stone by October fingers crossed meds don't add more ugh !

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